Cheryl Daniels Johnson Honey in the Rock

This book was such a blessing and it is truly anointed by God. Reading this book made me want more and more. It has really made me want a greater relationship with God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This book made me laugh, made me cry, and made me think. I could not wait to read each chapter with such excitement. This book is going to bless the world. It was absolutely POWERFUL!!!.

Chimain Douglas Minstires


If you ever wanted to know about the power of the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives, this is the book for you. Mrs. Johnson pulls from the Holy Scriptures and her personal experiences to weave a story about the authority give to us when we accept Christ as our saviour. The book is funny, gripping, and anointed. You will truly go to another level with God when you finish reading this compelling story about love and redemption.
Another Level Coaching
Wallette V. McCall

Great Book! Great Read! It truly  displays the power of God and the True Word of God. Order this book and you will truly be Bless.

Rita Daniels Walker


The book was very relative to my life and most believers on some level.  All of us have been on the pathway of changes in our natural and spiritual life due to circumstances we experience in this world.  While I personally have not been given the gift of tongue at this stage in my life as the character Honey did, God has given me the gift of exhortation and service to so many people in my almost 67 years.   I believe being a good steward of the principles of God, and giving service to others in need is a gifting that cannot be measured. This is after all, God's two greatest command; that we love Him with all our heart, and our neighbor as ourselves.
Much success to you Cheryl with your first publication,
Love you Luretha O'Conner


 This book, "Honey in the Rock" was truly a blessing to my soul.  Once I started reading it, I just could not put it down.  Each chapter was so powerful and interesting.  This is the type of book that really makes you think about your walk with God.  It opened my eyes to a even greater revelation of the Holy Spirit.  This book told a story that I will never forget.  It has truly changed my life.  I believe that this book will be used mightily by God to open the Spiritual eyes of this world.  I am going to refer this book to my friends, family, co-workers, and everyone I meet.  Cheryl Johnson you are truly an inspiration and voice for the lost.  Thank you and May God Bless You Always

Allen & Chimain Douglas

Chimain Douglas Ministries, "Setting the People


A true Blessing.  The book is  so funny, gripping, and anointed. You will truly go to another level with God when you finish reading this compelling story about love and the power of God and his redemption

 Anthony Daniels